Welcome To Nexus Merchants 2.0

Wizard Checklist

You have probably been sent here as you are using a merchant account with Infusionsoft/Keap that will soon no longer be supported by Infusionsoft.

Don't Worry!!! We are here to save you.

We will have you connected to your chosen Merchant Account in less than 10 minutes!

You are going to complete just a few steps and do a test transaction and then you will be back on your feet
in no time with your transactions running through the Nexus Merchants Gateway.

You will need your current merchant account information to complete this process - this is available inside Infusionsoft under 'Payment Types'.

At any time if you feel like you would like someone to hold your hand through this process you can arrange a FREE call with a 'Migration Wizard'. (No, they will not look like the one in the picture!)

Let's Get Started - Set Up Your Nexus Merchants Login